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Stream Authentication System

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The live broadcast management system is a window into the live broadcast management of a radio station, online or not. With this software, the radio station administrator can grant live broadcast access to whomever he wishes, so that they can only broadcast on the radio station for specific days and hours. The live broadcast management system was first developed for European School Radio, and then adapted to the requirements of the overall set.

The radio station manager will now be able to get an improved picture of who can broadcast on the station.

This system runs in parallel with Icecast, where it is a multimedia streaming software.

The functionalities of the system is the following:

  • The system administrator can create as many user accounts as he wants.
  • Each user account is directly linked to a secret key, which is accessible only to the user and the system administrator.
  • The administrator can specify which days and hours each user will be able to broadcast on the radio station's Icecast.
  • The administrator can specify which days the stream authentication system will be able to accept access requests. There are three options. The system will be completely switched off. The system will be activated on specific days stated by the administrator. The system must be fully activated, and always accept requests.
  • The user will enter their username, as well as the above secret code in the broadcast program they are using, and will be able to successfully log in to the Icecast of the radio station that was given access, within the time frame declared by the administrator, for the specific user.

At this point, I would like to point out that the administrator of the stream authentication system can see all the retransmission attempts, failed or succeeded, that have been made to the station's Icecast.

It could be said that this software is a safeguard for the radio station's Icecast, so that malicious users can not take advantage of the radio station's software for their own reckless use.

Developed by: George Papadopoulos and Symeon Sideris