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Invoice Sending - Computer Program

Program Screenshot

This application was created to send invoices and facilitate the user in managing his customer base, as well as the invoices of his customers.

The functionalities of the application are the following:

  • Import a client list in Excel format (.xlsx) for reading the names, VAT numbers and e-mails of customers. (Note: At the moment, the function of importing a clientele in Excel format, has some conditions. That is, the column for importing VAT numbers must be specific, and the column for importing e-mails must be specific. These are the list ' S 'and the list' K 'respectively.)
  • Import a PDF file (.pdf) to read invoices. Invoices may have been scanned by a scanner, or exported from an invoice generator. (The program is optimized for importing a scanned invoice.)

After the import of the above files, the program will start its execution, where it will "read" the VAT invoices from the page, through the character recognition technology (OCR). It will then match the VAT numbers with the list of VAT numbers from the imported customer list, and then export the customer's e-mail. It will automatically connect to the provider's SMTP Server, and send the e-mail to the respective client.

The complete process by which the program runs can be read in the GitHub repository.