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European School Radio Widget

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The European School Radio Widget, for WordPress technology websites, aims to facilitate and instantly make the user accessible to the basic services of European School Radio, through the simple widget.

The widget can play the radio station, either in high or low quality. This corresponds to 256kbps and 64kbps audio data stream respectively. The default audio data stream is high quality, which corresponds to 256kbps.

Also, the user of the European School Radio Widget, can watch the song, or the show that is currently broadcast on the station's radio program, as well as watch the song, or the show that will be broadcast immediately after.

Additionally the user can even see the music zone in which the radio program is located at the time of playback.

The widget, on the other hand, gives the site developer several options to adjust and customize the appearance of the widget to his liking. These options are:

  • Option to play the radio station stream in low quality
  • Option to automatically start streaming the radio station without the user interacting with the widget player
  • Option to display the section to view what is currently playing on the radio, as well as what will be played on the radio right after, now - next playing

The European School Radio widget uses an open source application programming interface (API) that will be published in due course for all users.