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European School Radio - Android Application

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The European School Radio application was created in order to facilitate ordinary users to access and interact with the educational material available in the web version of European School Radio.

The application was created with Android Studio in Java programming language.

The main features in this version of the application (2.x) are the following:

  • Radio listening screen as well as the possibility of chatting between listeners
  • Screen of the next 4 shows that have been registered in the system of European School Radio
  • Screen for browsing in the radio program
  • Screen showing the latest episodes posted on the European School Radio system, with the ability to search in them
  • Screen for reading radio news - articles published on the site of European School Radio
  • Settings screen, to configure the application according to the user's preferences

The European School Radio application for Android smartphones was developed in a bilingual environment, English and Greek, with the aim of its widespread use.

The technologies used for this project, in detail, are the following:

  • XML (for designing the application graphics)
  • Java (to add the application’s functionalities)
  • PHP (to create a suitable API on the main Server of European School Radio, to support all the functions of the application)
  • MySQL (for interaction with the European School Radio Database)

Main edition development: Stefanos Iliadis
Implementation of new elements: George Papadopoulos
Main implementation support: Symeon Sideris